Friday, October 21, 2005

Fw: LifeLight Fall Quick Note - > 1, 2, 3

. . .Greetings All
Here we are, the 21 of October and in the past few nights the colder-chilling frost is introducing itself again to us artistically using the car windows as it's drawing sheet each morning.
And of course who can deny fall is upon us once noticing the one-bite size chocolate bar starting to be around from those yummy assort halloween snacks bags in the stores pilled high like sand bags.
Anyway, as fall re-introduces his/herself again to us this 2005 we at LifeLight must also be aware and underway preparing for the busy season ahead.
1. Peter Loewen our faithful northern rep, starts to get restless and ready to drive far up north to the many Reserves in the forest he/we service with Scriptures into the hands of the grade 3 & 4 school children and many others along the journey. He will do a fall run, then once the lakes freeze he usually takes a trip to the more remote communities.
2. Registrations and deposits for (booths) at Missionfest 2005 Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal, Manitoba, ? Toronto ? are complete or well under way thanks to the smart work and efforts of Marge Penner. So, we all need to be aware of the MFdates so as to help carry the load. For the dates and info it would be best to go to the MF www. and get it all, including speaker line up. We have yet to book Toronto until we are clear that the Vanessens would like to host and be present in the booth.
3. We all know how important (crucial) The LifeLight new testaments are to this ministry and for this generation. And we are all aware the supply is alarmingly low and demand hi, including HTFG. We need to place the re-order ASAP and be active together as agents in raising the ever needed fund$.
Marge please give the Vanessens a call and ask if they are up to hosting the MF both in Toronto, and lets get clear re: our place booked in MF Manitoba, Martha can give the right numbers to contact them.
In the making; from Marge
Just to let everyone know so you can mark your calendars. Further to info from last board meeting, I have discussed with Henry Dyck the use of the cottages in Lac du Bonnet for November 25/26. More details to follow, Marge Penner Ph. (204)339-9211 e-mail:
P.S. Martha need's articals and pictures for up coming LL-newsletters; please, send your Scripture news and stories in. . .
Psalm 119:31-33

Greg Armstrong
mobile: 204-471-6295

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