Monday, March 19, 2007

Men of Integrity Bible

T. B. accepted Christ as his personal Savior on August 29, 2005 at the Woodstock Chapel. At that time volunteer chaplain Doug gave him a "Men of Integrity" Bible. On December 12th, 2006 we received this e-mail from Tom.
God Bless and Hi!
A while ago I used to drive a truck for a long distance carrier. I once stopped by the chapel at the 230 exit. I am not sure if I remember his name correctly, but I think it was Gord (Doug) whom I met at that time. I got the "Men of Integrity" book. It is an Old and New Testament as well as a reading for each day of the year based on some real life situations reflecting life today. I really liked it. I was trying to make it a goal to keep reading from day to day until I read the entire Bible in the company truck, and the truck was stolen. So was my "Men of Integrity" Bible.
No.... Can you tell me how can I get it again? I really liked it because of the readings I mentioned, as well as I liked it because it is in English. English is my second language. Bottom line is I am not very happy to learn it was stolen along with my truck. My life I think is too busy to make a trip to Woodstock to get it. But I really would like to get the "Men of Integrity" Bible again.
Another Bible immediately was sent to Tom and this was his hand written response.
Len! Thank you for responding so quickly, and for sending me the "Men of Integrity" Bible.I am so happy to have it again. It is good to know that in this crazy world there are still people who care. For 6 months I used to drive long distance in Canada and the USA. It was a very lonely lifestyle and it is great to know that at the 230 Truck Plaza there is a chapel and good people who can give courage to someone like me. I would like to give some courage to you also (enclosed was a financial gift) so you know what you do for others is great. I appreciate what you do.
John VE

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