Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Backpacks Filled with Love

Dixie kept her smile until the last of the 155 backpacks had been handed out—then she wept!
Along with the Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie, Dixie and some of her friends found the time on Thanksgiving Sunday to make sure that others in Winnipeg also had something to be thankful for. They gave away backpacks stuffed with essential items such as socks, towels, toothpaste and soap—and yes, there were also turkey sandwiches and water bottles.
The greatest gift in each backpack was a copy of a New Testament, How to Find God, from LifeLight Ministries. Each bag was filled with the love of Jesus and a prayer that the recipients would be touched by His love and receive Christ as their Saviour.
Donations poured in from many people and various places. Dixie said, “It’s something the Lord led us to do. We are very thankful we have these means… But for all the good that’s being done, there is still an enormous need for more help.”
The people who received these gifts were thrilled with the group’s generosity. “This is such a neat idea,” said Jackson. “They’re great people. Most of us are hurting, and we don’t have much going for us.” John said, “I stay on the streets, and sometimes I sleep outside. There’s nowhere to go on Sunday except Siloam, where they have dinner.” Ronald has been on the streets for three years and has turned to drugs. He has been barred from several places where he could sleep inside. “I was a bad boy, “ he laughed. I carry a blanket and sleep outside.”
The blessings of this day may or may not be seen by those who gave donations, but each one will be rewarded in some way. Pray that those who were touched by God’s love and received a copy of How to Find God will read this New Testament, understand the Gospel message, find God and begin a personal relationship with Him.

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