Thursday, December 12, 2013

Get in from the Cold

The temperature outside was -40 and the wind was howling as I left Regina on my way home from Regina this week. It had been a full two days and I was ready to get home and see my family. As I left the city limits a man stood on the side of the road shivering,  hitchhiking, thumb in the air, trying to find a ride.

I drove past and could hear my wife's voice tell me," You  did the right the thing, it is to dangerous to pick someone up", but my heart told a different story. My heart said ,"it is to cold to be outside hitchhiking unless there is a good reason to do so". "What would Jesus Do", I asked myself. After several minutes of inner discussion, I turned around and went back to get the man ,who I hoped had already been picked up, which would solve my dilemma. But there he was..and so I picked him up.

God always comes back for us when we are lost, alone, cold, and without a way to get where we need to go. 

We will call my new friend  "Bob", and he was going to see his sick mother in Nova Scotia. He has had a hard life and was homeless. His whole life he had struggled with drinking, drugs, and the problems that they produce. We talked for 6 hours on the ride to Winnipeg, where I had the privilege of sharing my life story with him, of how the good news of Jesus changed my life, and that it could help him too. I gave him a Bible when I dropped him off at Deacons Corner at the edge of Winnipeg, and he committed to me that he was going to read it, and confided that his life needed to change , and that he was going to give God a chance. 

don't encourage the practice of picking up hitchhikers, but we have to listen to God when He askes us to help those in need. Please pray that "Bob" will follow thru, because I know that God will change his life, just as He changed yours and mine!


Paul Winter
National Team Leader
Canadian LifeLight Ministries Inc

Our purpose is to serve Christ by enabling His followers to provide God's Word for today.

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