Wednesday, January 29, 2014

We Don't know "When" it is our Time to go home.

So often we take our lives for granted. Life is fragile, and we don't know when the Lord is going to call us home. The parable of the wedding feast in Luke 12 ,as well as many others, reminds us that we need to live each day to the fullest, ready for God to come back at any time.

I found out yesterday that a young man here in Winnipeg was killed over the weekend in the Osbourne area. I only knew Joshua Bentley briefly. I met him first at an outreach concert that our church had put on. He was at the event and we talked, and he came to our church a short time later. I liked him, as he was a real person doing his best to follow God in a hard world.

One of the services Josh attended was baptism Sunday, and we had completed our baptism section of the morning. I had left the tank and was going down the back hall ,when he was on his way to the bathroom. We looked at each other and he said..."I need to be baptized!" We talked to make sure he knew what that meant (that he wanted to live for God, excepted the sacrifice of Jesus, and was going to try to live for Him as best as he could) so back in the tank I went (after his washroom break) with Josh. Josh knows the Lord and his heart was God's that day! 

I was honoured to baptize Joshua Bentley at Bethel Community Church. May God be with his family as they mourn the loss of a great young man. Rest in peace Josh
Those of us left ….
Live for God with all your heart, soul ,and strength. Tell everyone about Him….He is coming soon.


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