Thursday, September 14, 2006

Camp Arnes Report for Life Light Ministries

The look on her face could light up the biggest building on site as she received her very own Bible. It was her first and as she ran back to tell her friends about it she had an extra skip in her step. She promised to read it, follow it and take good care of it.

Week after week the counselors would come and seek this Bible that was free for their camper to take home. And week after week they would run back to their camper with a huge smile and give them their very own Bible.

At Camp Arnes we believe that lives are changed from the inside out, and through the work of the Holy Spirit this is possible. What better way for a child to get to know God than through a Bible that is made for them. Life Light Ministries also believes in this and we would like to thank them and their supporters for the more than 100 Bibles that were distributed, which means that about 10 – 15 % of all our campers received their very own Bible. In the simple words of a child…"thank you".


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