Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Salvation Army uses LifeLight Scriptures

    The Salvation Army has a long history of providing support, services and ministry in communities across Canada through partnership with those who graciously donate financial and material goods.  Along with the donations of food, clothing, and household items, we often receive Bibles allowing us to offer ‘free’ Bibles in our Thrift Stores and in our programs and services.

Not long ago we ran out of our supply of donated Bibles, due to increasing requests from clients and program participants.  This presented an opportunity for us to take a fresh look at what we were doing and ask ourselves some questions:  Where do we get more Bibles?  What kind of a message are we sending to people if in response to their request for the Word of God, we provide a used and often outdated Bible?  Does the condition of the used Bibles we provide send a message about how we value God’s Word?

We determined that we needed to give people a translation they could easily understand, and that it should be a brand new Bible - not used or second hand.  We wanted our underlying message to be, ‘We value you, and we value the words that God has for you (and me!) in the Bible.’

We were so pleased to find LifeLight Ministries who were able to supply us with affordable, modern translation Bibles (New Living) for our ministries.

W. Mark Stanley
Salvation Army Pastor in training collage

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