Tuesday, October 31, 2006

News from the west

So good to hear from you!
I believe Ernie was setting in motion the shipping of your requested Scriptures, and I hope they will be there soon.  Our new order for The Living LifeLight and How to Find God should be here any day.  Arnold Reimer is expediting that shipment.
Good to see the displays going up.  It is amazing the excuses people come up with NOT to distribute the most important book EVER.
It is wonderful to see you getting into the schools.  I understand Peter will be doing some distribution in northern Alberta as well.  I trust you 2 are keeping in touch.
I hope we will soon have a New Testament for distribution in the hotels.  If you can impact the movers and shakers in society, you will have more impact on society values than you can in any other way.  It is so important that these people see the Scriptures as God's Word for TODAY!
May God bless you as you reach out for Him in your Jerusalem and Judea!
Raymond Dueck
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Hi Ray
I tried to send a number of emails to different lifelight people by highlighting their names and email off the web site page and was unsuccessful. I am successful with their individual email addresses.
I have found time to get the ministry off the ground the last two weeks and please with the excitement I find when talking to people.
Two churches are going to set up displays.  Our Baptists church from Martinsville just north of Saskatoon, and Loon lake Native Fellowship, a reserve church a few miles away.
My church will also be looking to have a display and will be ordering soon.  Lloydminster First Baptist too will be making orders for various areas of their ministry.
I ran into a little reluctance today with a chairman of a ministerial.  He will not put me on the agenda of their meeting because he feels it is to much of a competition with the local Christian book store and he wants churches to go to the store to buy bibles not have free ones in their foyers.  Another objection I heard was the bibles are only new testaments not the complete bibles.  I'm sure you've heard all these.
I am ready for the first delivery of bibles for the reserves.  If arrangements can be made for 2000 bibles to be shipped to Lakeland Truck Ltd. Lloydminster Ab. they will keep the boxes for a few days until I can get there with a one ton van to take them to a storage place in Loon Lake.  Lloydminster is on the Yellow Head highway right on the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan.  The shop is right beside the Husky Truck stop and is a large truck shop so Penners will have no problem finding it and unloading there.
I have now 2 more reserves to take the bibles to which is a total of 7 schools.  They average approx. 150-200 children per school.  I hope to have these done before Christmas break.
Meadow lake, Saskatchewan has invited me to the ministerial to share the ministry with them. 5 evangelical churches there.
Looking forward to seeing what God has in store for His Word.
Chat with Marg about Missionfest yesterday. I will be glad to look after Edmonton.  Vancouver might work out too.  I understand your going there.  Lets see what works out.
Working together for our Lord.

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