Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Empowering Women

Shon McLaren works with Inner City Women’s Ministries (ICWM) in Winnipeg. Two of the ICWM volunteers shared at the brunch:

Marilyn: I worked with Shon for a while but then stepped down. In January I went back to help her out and realized I missed the women, so now I’m back working at the Remand Centre. Recently the women started asking for Bibles for their families. I hope to give them easy-to-read Bibles for their children.

Cheryl: The Lord caught me in a very bad situation, but He has changed me. I met Shon and Marilyn at the Remand Centre. I am an addict, and ICWM has helped me a lot with my addictions. I was an alcoholic, but the Lord set me free from that on January 28. He is still working on some other issues. If it weren’t for Shon and Marilyn I wouldn’t be here; the Lord brought them into my life for a reason. Free on the Inside is one of the Bibles Shon gave me at the Remand Centre, and I am now using it to minister to other women. Many women there don’t know how to read, so I’m helping them.

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