Thursday, August 02, 2007

Healing Through Counselling

Isabelle Fiola

I had a very abusive childhood, with constant criticism. I was sixteen when I heard the words “I love you” for the first time—from a street gang leader, whom I married. I was a battered wife, married to an addict, and soon became a binge drinker. Eventually I left, together with my two children.

It didn’t take long before I remarried, but because I didn’t know what love was and how to love, I soon faced another divorce. After some time I started to work at a shelter for battered women, and it was during my time there that the Lord called me into ministry. There was still so much I needed to overcome in my personality. The healing took a few years, but He put me to work immediately. I opened a safe house, Serenity House, in Winnipeg for people who are recovering from addictions and abuses of all type. After a few years we moved Serenity House to Grand Falls, where I conduct healing services and where people come for counselling and retreats.

During our services we use the Life Recovery and Serenity Bibles. The children like the Graphic Bible. A ten-year-old boy, with ADHD, was excited to be able to read this Bible because it created a movie in his mind and kept his interest.

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sylkahane said...

We would like to communicate with you, Isabelle Fiola. We just moved from Winnipeg to an area near Pine Falls, MB. We tried the phone # inscribed near the end of the Lifelight Bible where we noticed the name of 'Isabelle Fiola Ministries, St. Georges,MB.' We tried phoning several times, but to no avail. Please communicate with us. Send us a reply please, perhaps by email, or by phone at 367-2568. Grant