Wednesday, April 02, 2008

2008 Fur Auction

Trappers come from all over northern Manitoba to sell their furs at the annual fur auction in Thompson. Fur buyers examine the furs and offer a price to the trappers. Coming to Thompson just before Christmas is an exciting time for trappers who may have spent many days and nights alone on the trap line.
A few years ago a friend of mine who is on the board for the Thompson Fur Auction invited me to have a LifeLight Scripture display at this event, and I was delighted to do that. This was the fifth time I have had this display, and it was good to see familiar faces, as well as some new ones. My wife, Caroline, and our grandson Tyson Kroeker came with me.
The auction took place in a large church hall, and it was impressive to see the trappers walk in carrying their sacks of furs. As their number was called, they approached the first fur buyer and continued around the room.
There were fewer trappers this year than there have been other years. I was told that part of the reason for this was the late frost, which resulted in the low-lying areas not freezing up on time. Even with the lower attendance, we gave away 225 Scriptures and 50 LifeLight newsletters. Whatever was left we donated to Continental Mission; they will be used at Moak Lake Camp this summer.
The local RCMP also made a couple of rounds in the hall, and Tyson had a new experience when he presented one of them with a Peacemakers New Testament (and it was accepted!).
Besides the furs, there was also a variety of crafts for sale: mukluks, mitts and other leather goods. Canadian Tire sold goods needed by trappers and other northerners, such as sleds, tarpaulin enclosures, mitts and flashlights. A raffle, with valuable prizes to be given away, generated excitement.
The annual fur auction is a wonderful opportunity to meet trappers from remote northern Manitoba areas, as well as local people, and offer them the greatest gift of all: God’s Word.
Peter & Caroline Loewen

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