Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Bike Show

As part of the ministry of House of the Risen Son, we do an annual motorcycle show at Stony Mountain. The inmates really appreciate the bikes, and this event lifts their spirits and, hopefully, also their morale. Each year we build relationships with some of the inmates, which leads to further visits, and often we get to share our faith.
On one visit I was discussing the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous with a man and what the Bible says regarding forgiveness. On my next visit I took a copy of the Serenity New Testament, and I left without it. On a future visit I found out that this inmate was sharing his Bible with the other men.
The inmates are there for crimes from fraud to murder. Some are gang members, and others are there just because they did something they shouldn’t have done. Many of them have never heard a personal story of Christ which they feel relates to them. As a rider, I can give them another view of the Christian faith. I am often surprised as to who will take a Bible and read it when they realize that it’s free—no strings attached. Jesus, inmates, bikers and Bibles!
Please support LifeLight Ministries, pray for those who distribute Scriptures, and always carry a few Scriptures with you to give away when God gives you the opportunity.
Chuck Sheridan
Director of House of the Risen Son, a ministry comprised of the Bondslave Motorcycle Club, Lazarus House (for men in addiction recovery), a food bank, Overcomers Outreach, a
prison ministry and a youth outreach program.

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