Monday, October 07, 2013

Youth Respond to Giving away Bibles

I had the privilege of speaking at Calvary Temples youth retreat this fall. What a great group  of young people and youth leaders!

Jared, the leader of their youth group wanted to challenge the young people to look past their own comfort zone and church  and focus on bringing new people into the group.

In the weekend sessions we talked about how We need to follow Jesus, that he has called us despite our imperfection and that he not only loves us, but likes us. When asked If they wanted to get to know God better, 95% put up their hands, and then when challenged to give a Bible to someone they knew needed it, 10  Bibles where handed out with the promise that they would go to someone who needed the hope that is found inside! 

I know that God is going to do great things threw these young people at CT who are determined to make a difference for Jesus!


Paul Winter 
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