Monday, October 15, 2007


Bible Camp…
… Not just decisions, but disciples for Christ
… Win a child…win a life…
… Reaching and teaching youth for life in Christ
… Where Christ and a great time go together
… The Jesus they see is the Jesus in me
… Hearts are turned toward God…one heart at a time
So keep my words in your hearts and minds…. Teach them to your children... (Deuteronomy 11).

Changed Attitudes
In today’s society it is very common for people not to have their own Bible and not to have heard the message of Jesus. Our world has become so “correct” that many of the kids who come to Teen Ranch have no clue about the gospel.
The leader in the cabins talked to the campers all week in “Time Outs” about God. In one cabin, particularly, many of the girls had very little knowledge about Christianity and didn’t pay much attention. As the week unfolded, many of them started asking for Bibles, and the leader would find them sitting on their bunks and reading their very own Bibles. They were so excited about these Bibles and were intrigued by God’s Word. It was so encouraging for the leader and for the rest of us to see the how the attitudes of these girls changed. God works in mighty ways, changing people’s hearts and minds.
Many of the leaders wrote notes of encouragement in the Bibles, and it’s exciting to think that five to ten years down the line those kids will be grown up and, we pray, will still be reading them and will look back and remember the love that was put into them.
Thank you, LifeLight Ministries, for helping these kids know about Jesus and providing us with Bibles to help them in their spiritual growth. What a blessing!
Ashley Goldsmith
Teen Ranch is set in the beautiful Caledon Hills, one hour northwest of Toronto, Ontario.

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