Monday, October 15, 2007

Dauphin Bible Camp - Campers Treasure Bibles

In one of our cabins we had a group of girls from a variety of backgrounds—broken homes, hopelessness, lack of self-respect, culturally saturated, and a general lack of knowledge of God’s Word. One girl, in particular, came from a rough home and had experienced continuous spiritual warfare. The cabin leader provided her with a Bible. She began to study it with the leader and then took it home.
Another group of girls came with translations that were hard to understand and to memorize. Thankfully, we had easy-to-read Bibles from LifeLight Ministries which enabled the campers to easily read and begin to understand God’s love for them. A Bible is truly the most important gift that anyone can ever receive, and it is a blessing to see campers treasure them.
Richard Bankert
Dauphin Bible Camp is situated on the northern edge of Riding Mountain National Park, ten kilometres south of Dauphin, Manitoba.

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