Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Not Enough Bibles

I am on the Board of Deacons at Rainbow Community Church in downtown Vancouver. I am writing to see if your organization would be able to assist us in our ministry of sharing the Good News with the poor and homeless in our area.
We have a worship service every Sunday at 6 p.m. and then serve a delicious home-cooked meal to about 150 people. Many of them are homeless, and many are dealing with HIV/AIDS, as well as drugs and alcohol addictions. We also serve a number of seniors and individuals with disabilities.
So many of these people are broken and hurting, and it warms my heart to see their hunger for the Word! Many have had their lives turned around after accepting Jesus as their Saviour and have been successful in getting off drugs and off the street, finding jobs and becoming productive citizens. But it grieves me that we can’t give a Bible to everyone who requests one.
We have a literature table set up in the dining room with a variety of inspirational materials, which we share with visitors. Every week we have many requests for Bibles, and we never seem to have enough to go around.
Peter Weir

Note: We frequently get requests like this from ministries that do not have the resources to purchase Scriptures. One of our goals is to provide these ministries with the Bibles they need, even if they are unable to give us a donation. In order to do this, we depend on the generosity of our many donors. If you would like to help us provide Scriptures specifically to those who are unable to give a donation, please mark your gift Free Scripture Fund.

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