Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Our Readers Write

● Many new immigrants from Mainland China are finding their way to our church to enquire about the Christian faith. Many have never heard of God or Jesus before. God has given me the privilege (and challenge) to explain God’s Word to them. How to Find God is the first book I give to them, and they are very pleased to receive it. God bless!—Bette

● Our Women’s Ministry would like to get some Bibles for the kids in our youth group (high school). What would you recommend? Some of them don’t come from good homes and have very little Bible knowledge.—Susan

● Thank you so much for the prompt delivery of the Bibles I requested. One of them will be sent to a young boy I counselled at camp last summer.—Ron

● As a member of the newly formed Salvation Riders Motorcycle Club, an evangelistic outreach, I am looking for Bibles to distribute at motorcycle shows. We have seen the one used by the Christian Bikers Association and find that they are very pleased with it. Please send us information on how we can obtain a hundred of these Scriptures, as well as any related to truckers, police, firefighters, and others.—Carolyn

● Please send me a New Testament. I read my son’s Bible when I was staying with him. It’s easy to read and understand. I found I could “keep on reading” because of the easy translation and explanations, but I do not have one of my own.—Michelle

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