Thursday, September 15, 2005

Lifelight Board Meeting Sept.15/05

Lifelight Board Meeting

Attendance; Bill Badler, Bert Loewen, Peter Loewen, John Dueck, Ernie and Lil Brosowsky, Marge Penner, Martha Kroeker, Ray Dueck, Tamara Craig, and Greg Armstrong.

Devotional by Greg; "We are the light"

1 Lil moved to accept minutes of June 13/05 as read. Peter seconded. Carried

2. Business Arising from the Minutes;
2.b Tamara was not in attendance at this meeting but would like it recorded that she had not seen a budget or even a draft budget from Brent.
2.c. We were not certain $500. was going to be the final rental price at the time of this meeting. Since that meeting this figure has been agreed to by the owner.
Also there is not necessarily a tax exemption for the owner - that may be only for Wpg. And not Steinbach.
5. The Steinbach dessert night was canceled.
4. We need about $23,000. To meet the 50% goal before we can place the order.

3. Treasurers Report:
Reports distributed by Tamara. See Lil for copies. Overall donations are down to date but so are expenses.

Executive Coordinator Report Martha:
Requests from various churches, ministries and camps for Bibles. Very hard to get reports from camps but this year especially so and not specific enough to be interesting for the newsletter.
We seem to be under a lot of attack lately. Various illnesses, accidents and many problems with orders. But we should find this encouraging because it means we are obviously moving forward and making progress in getting God's Word to those who need it.

Marge gave a report on the golf tournament plans so far.
58 golfers registered to date, a number of prizes donated already, 7 Gold sponsors and 2 bronze and the signs are being prepared, donor amount more than $12,000, no cart sponsors or meal sponsors as yet, Golden West has donated $1000. Worth of advertising air time. Working on agenda for the day with Greg. Pray for good weather as that will swell the numbers of walk ins.

Personnel Committee; .* Ernie put forward a motion on behalf of the Personnel Committee to hire Marge on a part time basis as assistant to Greg. Discussion around paying out a salary vs. raising funds for salary - issue of salary deferred to Personnel Committee to give clarification. Peter seconded. Carried.
** Ernie put forward motion to accept Brents resignation. Peter seconded. Carried.

Greg's Report:
Greg has sustained a pinched nerve as a result of the car accident.
We are in all the mainline churches now. The HTFG is being used in all of them.
Have done some speaking in churches and scheduled for a mens group in Landmark for Sept.28.
It would be very difficult to get churches to put Lifelight on their regular missions giving as someone has suggested. Perhaps a Bible-a-month club for Sunday School classes to support. A brochure would be a good start.

Peter: On Sept 9 I visited five reserve schools, Dauphin River, Lake St. Martens, Little Saskatchewan and Fairfort with two faithful workers Kurt Borg and Dave Freeman in which we gave away 150 Lifelights.

5. Storefront;
a. Discussion around adding a $10. Handling fees to every Bible taken out of the storefront office to be added to the suggested donation. No conclusion reached on this issue.
B. Greg will take care of issues regarding rental space and landlord.

6. Fall Retreat;
Marge will follow up with Henry Dyck as to where and when.

In closing Ray read from King Solomons dedication prayer of the temple. Some of this prayer can be applied to this rented space for Lifelight.
Closing Prayer
Mtg. Adjourned 9:30pm

**Let's continue to be diligent in our prayers for Rene's healing.