Thursday, November 16, 2006

Missionfests 2007

The following is the information regarding the Missionfests for 2007:

Vancouver comes up first and it is January 26 - 28/07. The website for this is: if you want to take a look at what is happening.

Raymond & Martha and Martha K and friend are going.

Next is Winnipeg February 2nd - 4th/07. The website is: I will be getting in touch with everyone to schedule times you are able to be at the exhibit. I tried this last year and I would like to ensure all of us will be able to take a scheduled time for the three day event. If you want to volunteer to do the setup and/or takedown of the exhibit as well, let me know this as well.

Then we have Edmonton at February 23-25, 2007. Jerry and Sandy Spoor are doing this one, but if you want to help, please contact them and I am sure they would be happy to see someone from here. The website is:

Last is Toronto at March 1st - 3/07. Van Essens are attending this Missionfest but if you are there at that time, please contact them and I am sure they would be extremely happy to see someone from Winnipeg there to give them a hand. The website is: if you want to look at their schedule of events.

Hope this information will help everyone to keep informed regarding these events. Please let me know if there are further questions.


Tuesday, October 31, 2006

News from the west

So good to hear from you!
I believe Ernie was setting in motion the shipping of your requested Scriptures, and I hope they will be there soon.  Our new order for The Living LifeLight and How to Find God should be here any day.  Arnold Reimer is expediting that shipment.
Good to see the displays going up.  It is amazing the excuses people come up with NOT to distribute the most important book EVER.
It is wonderful to see you getting into the schools.  I understand Peter will be doing some distribution in northern Alberta as well.  I trust you 2 are keeping in touch.
I hope we will soon have a New Testament for distribution in the hotels.  If you can impact the movers and shakers in society, you will have more impact on society values than you can in any other way.  It is so important that these people see the Scriptures as God's Word for TODAY!
May God bless you as you reach out for Him in your Jerusalem and Judea!
Raymond Dueck
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Subject: News from the west

Hi Ray
I tried to send a number of emails to different lifelight people by highlighting their names and email off the web site page and was unsuccessful. I am successful with their individual email addresses.
I have found time to get the ministry off the ground the last two weeks and please with the excitement I find when talking to people.
Two churches are going to set up displays.  Our Baptists church from Martinsville just north of Saskatoon, and Loon lake Native Fellowship, a reserve church a few miles away.
My church will also be looking to have a display and will be ordering soon.  Lloydminster First Baptist too will be making orders for various areas of their ministry.
I ran into a little reluctance today with a chairman of a ministerial.  He will not put me on the agenda of their meeting because he feels it is to much of a competition with the local Christian book store and he wants churches to go to the store to buy bibles not have free ones in their foyers.  Another objection I heard was the bibles are only new testaments not the complete bibles.  I'm sure you've heard all these.
I am ready for the first delivery of bibles for the reserves.  If arrangements can be made for 2000 bibles to be shipped to Lakeland Truck Ltd. Lloydminster Ab. they will keep the boxes for a few days until I can get there with a one ton van to take them to a storage place in Loon Lake.  Lloydminster is on the Yellow Head highway right on the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan.  The shop is right beside the Husky Truck stop and is a large truck shop so Penners will have no problem finding it and unloading there.
I have now 2 more reserves to take the bibles to which is a total of 7 schools.  They average approx. 150-200 children per school.  I hope to have these done before Christmas break.
Meadow lake, Saskatchewan has invited me to the ministerial to share the ministry with them. 5 evangelical churches there.
Looking forward to seeing what God has in store for His Word.
Chat with Marg about Missionfest yesterday. I will be glad to look after Edmonton.  Vancouver might work out too.  I understand your going there.  Lets see what works out.
Working together for our Lord.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Good News for all Cultures

by Elizabeth Greer

A quick glance in my home office reveals an accumulation of Christian literature, Bible commentaries and a collection of Bibles that dates back to my youth. There's the red leather Youth for Christ edition given to me by my grandparents; my black zippered KJV version awarded to me in Sunday school, complete with pictures of Noah's Ark and Jesus welcoming the children into His arms; and various newer translations, including NIV, NASB, and The Word on the Street.

I even have an 1821 edition that was once owned by my great-aunt and by generations before her. No doubt your home has a similar collection – but not every home does.

For the last seven years, my husband and I have had the privilege of directing Eagle Bay Camp (formerly Hilbre Bible Camp). We have worked largely cross-culturally, welcoming the majority of our campers from the first Nations communities in our area. This past summer we had the added opportunity of leading a day camp for 80 youth in the fly-in community of Garden Hill First Nation.

It is in this context that we have also been privileged to give Bibles to the campers. Through the generosity of various donors, including Eastview Community Church, we were able to distribute well over 1000 copies of New Testament. These NTs have been taken home to First Nations communities such as Little Saskatchewan, Fairford, Grand Rapids, Easterville, Poplar River, Bloodvein, Sioux Valley, Ebb & Flow, Lake St. Martin, and others. Children from the local towns have taken copies as well.

No longer can we assume that every home has a Bible and that someone in that home is familiar with its contents. Our society has become increasingly distant from its Judeo-Christian roots, and the average person passing us on the street cannot relate biblical stories or explain what the Gospel message is, or why it is good news at all. Many believe in a "god" but do not believe that this higher power cares anything at all about what goes on here on earth. This is what motivates all of us involved in children's ministries, whether in a summer camp context or through outreach events through the local church.

Children of all cultures are precious and need to hear that God loves and values them. They need to hear that there are better options than drugs, alcohol, gang involvement or suicide. We cannot keep the Good News to ourselves. We are grateful to the donors who support our camp and to organizations such as LifeLight Ministries. It is with their help that we can place The Word of God in more homes each year.

Elizabeth and Rick Greer became ministry directors of Eagle Bay Camp in 2000 after selling their family business and moving from Ontario. They have been married for 25 years and have three sons.


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Help us get more Scriptures!

Greetings Brother Greg,

 Well here I am again begging for scriptures. We currently have 24 copies of “How to Find God” and 24 copies of “The Lifelight”. Yurgen dropped off a copy of “And you will know the Truth….”  (the prison edition).  We are asking for your help once again to keep us with a supply of scriptures for the fellows here at Headingley Jail. The men truly like the “How to find God” edition because of the commentaries and challenging questions it contains. So I am going to leave it to you and to the Lord to provide for us in our need.

 Blessings on you, in your ministry, and on those who I know will respond to the Lord’s call to provide for the outcasts who live in this place. Praise be Jesus!

 Deacon Philip Durant

Headingley Correctional Centre

Spiritual Care Dept.


Friday, October 13, 2006

LAMP and LifeLight – Unity of the Faith

"God works in mysterious ways", and makes Himself known in the process.

I was to learn about Canadian LifeLight Ministries Inc. at Missionfest 2005. Mr. Greg Armstrong shared the need to get Bibles into the hands of both youth and adults in Northern native communities. LifeLight does its part in making the Word available. His words rang out and it was accepted as, "What does LAMP do?"

LAMP stands for Lutheran Association of Missionaries and Pilots. For 35 years we have transported and facilitated Vacation Bible School (VBS) in isolated native villages in northern Canada, some 20 in Manitoba. This past summer about 500 volunteers shared the message of Jesus with over 5000 children and youth. The following true story will however give you LifeLight supporters a flavor of what is transpiring in our partnership.

As part of my pre-summer logistical flight into villages, I had a supply of "How to Find God", and the LifeLight New Testament with me. In the course of our conversation about the coming summer, the local contact in Sandy Lake, ON. asked if I would accompany him to a home where a young mother was suffering with cancer. Would I share and pray for her family’s healing as all were suffering in the process? I was appreciative of my Lifelight Bible, as I was able to share one of Jesus’ healing messages from the Gospel of Matthew.

Some time after, Sidney, our contact, called to say they wanted 100 youth Bibles (The Lifelight). During summer flying over Sandy Lake C-FWGK carried the Scriptures that Greg had left for me in Winnipeg. When I touched down, Sidney, happily accepted the Bibles for his community youth, but had another visit assignment. An elder, who was already living beyond his doctor’s projected "time", wanted a Bible and healing prayer. While he was a believer and not afraid of dying, he asked for more time with his family. I shared from The LifeLight, talked God stories and prayed. Both siblings and grandchildren were present. I asked a daughter for the written names of family, thinking only of those present. This was taking some time. To my delight however, she had recorded the whole family of Jeremiah Fiddler, 62 in all.

As I share your printed Word, it is a pleasure for me to talk about LifeLight Ministries. So LifeLight, in being faithful to the call of giving and sharing, combined with LAMP’s going, brings to life mission and ministry – showing up at the right place at the right time, all to the Glory of God.

Dr. Al Anderson

LAMP Ministry


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Salvation Army uses LifeLight Scriptures

    The Salvation Army has a long history of providing support, services and ministry in communities across Canada through partnership with those who graciously donate financial and material goods.  Along with the donations of food, clothing, and household items, we often receive Bibles allowing us to offer ‘free’ Bibles in our Thrift Stores and in our programs and services.

Not long ago we ran out of our supply of donated Bibles, due to increasing requests from clients and program participants.  This presented an opportunity for us to take a fresh look at what we were doing and ask ourselves some questions:  Where do we get more Bibles?  What kind of a message are we sending to people if in response to their request for the Word of God, we provide a used and often outdated Bible?  Does the condition of the used Bibles we provide send a message about how we value God’s Word?

We determined that we needed to give people a translation they could easily understand, and that it should be a brand new Bible - not used or second hand.  We wanted our underlying message to be, ‘We value you, and we value the words that God has for you (and me!) in the Bible.’

We were so pleased to find LifeLight Ministries who were able to supply us with affordable, modern translation Bibles (New Living) for our ministries.

W. Mark Stanley
Salvation Army Pastor in training collage

Check Out:

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

2006 LifeLight Golf

100 golfers had fun and raised enough funds to impact 5,000 families with the love of God in the coming year!

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Camp Arnes Report for Life Light Ministries

The look on her face could light up the biggest building on site as she received her very own Bible. It was her first and as she ran back to tell her friends about it she had an extra skip in her step. She promised to read it, follow it and take good care of it.

Week after week the counselors would come and seek this Bible that was free for their camper to take home. And week after week they would run back to their camper with a huge smile and give them their very own Bible.

At Camp Arnes we believe that lives are changed from the inside out, and through the work of the Holy Spirit this is possible. What better way for a child to get to know God than through a Bible that is made for them. Life Light Ministries also believes in this and we would like to thank them and their supporters for the more than 100 Bibles that were distributed, which means that about 10 – 15 % of all our campers received their very own Bible. In the simple words of a child…"thank you".


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bibles at Bird River Bible Camp

Good morning Martha
Thank you for registering me in the golf tournament.
I want to take a minute to tell you a couple of stories that happened at camp this year. 
During one of the Youth Camps, there were 4 inner city youth, 16 years old who did not want to be at camp.  Their mothers had somehow gotten them on the bus but they had decided, as a group, not to cooperate or join in any of the activities.  These 4 campers decided they would sit at a picnic bench and spend their time discussing items of concern to them alone.  Whenever any of the staff would approach, they would get up and leave.  All in all, they were not going to allow themselves to enjoy their week. 
During chapel one night the campers were given New Testament Bibles that the camp had been given to give to each camper.  This was a turning point for these 4 young people.  The next day they were seen sitting at their same picnic table, but they had their Bibles with them and they were reading them.  This gave the staff the courage and confidence to continue to work with these youth.  By the end of the week, they were not the same youth that arrived just a few days ago.
A single mother of 2 youngsters, that was made known to me, was given sponsorship to camp for both children.  After the first youngster had attended camp, the mother called me and was terribly upset.  Her second child, who was scheduled to go to camp the next week, had chicken pox.  The mother told me how going to camp had changed the first child's entire attitude about life.  She had accepted Christ as her personal saviour and was just different.  She took her prize home from camp (her Bible) and was reading it.  The mother wanted me to do something so as the other child might get to go to camp and experience the same life changing experiences. We managed to get her into a later camp and the mother was, and remains, very excited about her new children she had picked up at the bus.
During one of the Children's Camps, there was a young boy who had a lot of difficulty sitting still during chapel.  Staff spent time praying for the boy throughout the week.  It did not appear that this boy heard the message that was being delivered during chapel.  One evening, this boy scrambled to the back of the chapel to pick up one of the Bibles being handed out.  He accepted Christ into his heart that night and the next day during the last meal, he could hardly concentrate on eating his supper because he was so excited about "devouring" his brand new Bible. 
There were approximately 600 campers that have heard the news about Jesus at camp this year.  Many for the first time and many of these will have in their hands a Bible that they will have as their very own.
Thank you so much for providing these Bibles to further God's work at Bird River Bible Camp
Thomas Wm. Cooney


We now have 3 excellent covers to choose from and we need to decide by tomorrow morning.  I'd appreciate your feedback
3. Tree with backlit (Howard Laxson)
remember that first impression for the recipient will be the right 1/2 of the picture (the front cover)
thanks for your quick feedback
Raymond Dueck

North West Representative

Jerry and Sandy Spoor recently accepted a part time position with LifeLight to be the representatives for LifeLight in northern Saskatchewan and Alberta.  Here is their contact information:
Jerry's new e-mail address is , our phone number is 1-306-837-2218, address is Box 63  Loon Lake  Sask.  S0M 1L 0.
Jerry's new cell phone number is 1-306-837-7227. Please send Jerry an e-mail to confirm that you got this message, because it still is not working properly. Thanks.
Sandy Spoor