Wednesday, February 21, 2007

LifeLight News Jan 2007

Thailand—Hungry for the Scriptures
- Raymond Dueck
Thailand is a country of 60 million people. (The people love their king and queen, who celebrated sixty years on the throne in 2006!). Even though it is the most Buddhist country in the world, there is a real hunger for Scriptures and full freedom of religion in spite of the darkness
of Buddhism.
Fifty percent of Thai Christians became Christians through reading Christian literature.
We traveled to Thailand….

Inside the latest issue of LifeLight News
Looking Back:
Christmas 2006
• Christmas in Prison
• Shoeboxes Speak Love
• A Filipino Tradition
• A Christmas Blessing
• A Feast for the King
• His First Present?
• Celebrating His Coming
• God Made a Way
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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Thanks for your encouragement

Hi Ray

One of your friends at LifeLight gave me a biker bible. I enjoyed the testimonies inside. My wife and I went on a mission trip up into the mountains in Mexico to work with the Otimy Indians. The Mexican pastor that we were working with asked us, one night, if someone had something interesting to read. No one replied, so I offered this biker bible with the interesting testimonies inside. The next morning he was so excited about what he had read and was planing to use the testimonies in a sermon. I said he should just keep the book, because we had many more in Canada.

We have also given away Spanish bibles in Nicaragua and my dad has been reading the bible with a small vocabulary for years. I want to encourage you in your service and in spreading the word of God. Thank-you

In Christ Bob TGBTG