Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tools for the Job

Another farmer and I travelled to the Sudan to do a farm project under Cal Bombay Ministries. When we arrived in Kampala, Uganda, we stayed at the African Inland Mission (AIM) guesthouse. The AIM compound has a distribution centre for AIM pastors in Uganda. I left three How to Find God NTs with them and also gave a Bible to a security guard who, I assume, was not a Christian.
Then I left for Sudan to work with the farm operation. Later, when I got back to the AIM office in Kampala, the security guard told me that the Bible I had given him was the first one he had ever had that he could understand. Of course, I was delighted to hear that!
When I returned home I had an e-mail from Kwagala Sande, who works under AIM. He wrote: “I lead a project called Tools for the Job, which provides African pastors with suitable study books. Some of the pastors open churches without any training or any Bible knowledge, so our vision is to provide them with the materials they need. Some of them request Bibles because they can’t afford to buy them. I have done a lot of travelling in Uganda and get the same request wherever I go.
“It was a blessing to meet a missionary from Canada. He told me about LifeLight Ministries and gave me a copy of a New Testament, How to Find God. I’m sure many people are blessed by your ministry of taking the good news of Jesus Christ to many parts of the world. God bless you all.”
Henry Dyck