Monday, March 19, 2007

Men of Integrity Bible

T. B. accepted Christ as his personal Savior on August 29, 2005 at the Woodstock Chapel. At that time volunteer chaplain Doug gave him a "Men of Integrity" Bible. On December 12th, 2006 we received this e-mail from Tom.
God Bless and Hi!
A while ago I used to drive a truck for a long distance carrier. I once stopped by the chapel at the 230 exit. I am not sure if I remember his name correctly, but I think it was Gord (Doug) whom I met at that time. I got the "Men of Integrity" book. It is an Old and New Testament as well as a reading for each day of the year based on some real life situations reflecting life today. I really liked it. I was trying to make it a goal to keep reading from day to day until I read the entire Bible in the company truck, and the truck was stolen. So was my "Men of Integrity" Bible.
No.... Can you tell me how can I get it again? I really liked it because of the readings I mentioned, as well as I liked it because it is in English. English is my second language. Bottom line is I am not very happy to learn it was stolen along with my truck. My life I think is too busy to make a trip to Woodstock to get it. But I really would like to get the "Men of Integrity" Bible again.
Another Bible immediately was sent to Tom and this was his hand written response.
Len! Thank you for responding so quickly, and for sending me the "Men of Integrity" Bible.I am so happy to have it again. It is good to know that in this crazy world there are still people who care. For 6 months I used to drive long distance in Canada and the USA. It was a very lonely lifestyle and it is great to know that at the 230 Truck Plaza there is a chapel and good people who can give courage to someone like me. I would like to give some courage to you also (enclosed was a financial gift) so you know what you do for others is great. I appreciate what you do.
John VE

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Word walks down trapper’s trail

The Word walks down many of the trapper’s trails in Northern Manitoba thanks to the Lifelight Bibles that we handed out at the Trappers Fur Table 2006 in Thompson, Manitoba.  It was encouraging to see the hunger for the word as many of the trapper’s approached the table. Their desire to see the bibles go with them on their trap lines and into their homes was obviously God ordained as they helped themselves to the book table.

For my two helpers and I, it was a privilege to be able to interact with the trappers.  It wasn’t just giving out Bibles that was important but answering peoples  questions and also listening to their stories. Many of them shared their grief and hardships with us.  Some were searching for answers about sickness and death. One person came and told us his testimony about how Jesus healed him physically. He feels so much better now.  “There is lots of life in this body now”, he commented.  In all these circumstances, we could share Jesus Christ and his power to help us to overcome grief, sickness and death. 

Over the two days at the book table we met many people and even renewed some old acquaintances. In all it was a blessing to be there sharing in their lives. They commented that the Bibles were easy to understand, the price is right and some even asked if they could take two of them; one for themselves and one for a friend. We gladly encouraged them to do so and it wasn’t long before the boxes sat empty on the floor.  Let’s continue to pray that they will understand and receive for themselves the gift of eternal life as they read the Lifelight Bibles.  Thanks to Anne M for asking us to help out.  It was a privilege to do so.

Ron P


LifeLight in Kampala Uganda

you’re probably wondering about the bibles…I gave the bibles that you sent along to David, Maerg & Selam.  They are refugees from Eritrea, Africa.  They have been waiting in Kampala, Uganda for just over 2 years to come to Canada.  David & Maerg are brother and sister and Selam is their niece.  David & Maerg's older sister, Freiwini, attends our church.

They are very sincere christian people.  We were very fortunate to spend 2 meals with them.  They came to our hotel for one meal and then they invited us over to their place for a traditional Ethiopian meal.  It was amazing.  Before the meal started they came around to each of us with a basin & pitcher to wash our hands.  Then they served us Injera which is a kind of bread which they use to dip into a chicken/egg stew.  It was very tasty!!  After that they served us coffee.  They actually roasted the coffee beans right in front of us, ground them up and then made coffee which they served in small cups.  We had the traditional 3 "rounds" which kept us up most of the night!!

Maerg & Selam spoke to us a little bit about their escape to Uganda.  They had been captured in Eritrea and were being held in a truck box.  They were only allowed to get out of the box to go to the bathroom in the woods.  That's how both of them escaped.  They travelled through the desert in Somalia to Uganda.They dressed in muslim head coverings so that they wouldn't be discovered. 

They say that life in Kampala is still very difficult.  Because they are refugees, they are not allowed to work.  They depend completely on Freiwini (their sister in our church) to send them money for their food, clothing and shelter.  They have very very little.  Their faith in God and the fellowship they have with other christians in their church give them hope.  They told us about a revival meeting that their church held in a little village in the courtryside just outside of Kampala.  They preached the way to salvation to them and they said that just over 100 people came to know Jesus.  The villagers were very poor and so the church people gave them the clothing that they could spare.  This was just amazing to me.  These people who have so very little themselves still found something that they could give to those who had even less.  

They were very thrilled to get the bibles.  They were going to bring them to their church and then give them out to people that they were sharing the gospel with.  It's amazing how God brought you to my house just a few days before I was to leave for Africa.  I believe that this was part of God's plan to get those bibles into Africa.  We have an amazing God!

God bless you Uncle Pete & Aunt Caroline as you continue to distribute bibles with  Lifelight Ministries.  



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May ???

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May ???

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Please call the people on your calling list to invite them and advise Marg or Martha of how many are coming. Marg will have invitations soon for hand out

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