Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sharing the Gospel in Cuba

Today I just want to share with you the power of God's Word - in Cuba! I was speaking with a man who travels to other countries and gives out tracts. Well one time he went to Cuba, where he sat down at a bar with some tough looking guys. He decided to give each man a hat as a gift, and stuck a tract in each one inside the brim. Then a day or two later he came back and those same men were there, and instead of hurting him, they were giving him hugs and thanking him for the gifts! He said it is unheard of for Cuban men to show affection so this was amazing to see, and God's Word in the Spanish tracts had clearly affected them. He got such great response among the many other people he gave tracts to as well, and people were in tears they were so happy to hear the Good News! 

This man is one of many individuals who go out into the world to do the Great Commission and it is a pleasure to be able to supply tracts and Bibles to my Brothers and Sisters in Christ! Keep spreading the Word, and changing lives! Thanks!


R. Fuchs