Thursday, June 26, 2014

Find God: Living Water in Portage

I was in (the Winnipeg office) several weeks ago to pick up another box of Bibles: The New Testament called, "Find God". I was asked to send in a story of what we do with the Bibles here at Portage Evangelical Church. 

We have given out four cases of those Bibles around our community here in Portage la Prarie. We covered many streets around our church, knocked on all but a few doors, where we did not find someone home. Some people refused the Bibles ( though those were very few). Inside each Bible we had a note that was written by our pastor. In several of the homes, people were invited in.
Some good discussion took place.

Though we have not had anyone come to church from this outreach, we have given the Word of God to many homes, and trust that people were drawn to open the Bibles. We also keep these Bibles here at the church and have given them away to  people who wander in here. We are on a busy street and sometimes just have people pop in here, for all types of reasons.
I personally am involved in a immigrant ministry here in Portage.
I have given away a lot of Bibles to people that I meet and have connections with Muslim, Hindu, New age, Catholic, and Jewish families. I have been able to have many conversations with them.

- Myrna

Monday, June 09, 2014

Bible giveaway!

When we got to the airport we had 4 Find God New Testaments left over and the bags were overflowing already.
So I offered one to the car rentals supervisor.  He was glad to get it.  The fellow just leaving on his break wanted one too. He told me he would read the first chapter right away.
The other attendant on duty also wanted one.  That left me with one to give away in flight.
When I got to security the older gentleman that was clearing carts, a Hindu, was happy to get my last one.
Now I'm on the plane, ready to fly.