Monday, December 19, 2005

Fur Auction in Thompson

Fur Auction in Thompson; Report by Peter Loewen

Trappers from all over northern Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario gather each December to sell their furs at a fur auction in Thompson. Fur buyers are on hand, each with their own table, to offer bids on these furs. How exciting to be invited to set up a Lifelight Scripture display at this event!

By 8AM Dec. 16th, my helper, Del Brandt, from Riverton, and I were at the large parish hall where the fur auction took place. We put "Indian Life" Christian magazines at each table, as we hoped this would help trappers to accept what we had to offer. After we set up our Lifelight display, some trappers that had perhaps had no Christian contact for years, came up and asked for New Testaments and also some Bibles. There were also trappers from reserves that I, together with helpers such as Curt Bork, Bert Genaille, Greg Armstrong and others, had visited in the last three years.

A trapper from South Indian Lake said the Lifelight Scriptures we had left there were being read in the school. On the intercom, one of the teachers reads two chapters each morning and has a prayer. The trapper said the Scriptures had helped him personally to live a better life.

Another trapper from Cross Lake thanked us for the Lifelight New Testament he received when I was there three years ago. He said he had read it through two times. A trapper who used to be a teacher in the Cormorant School, said it was uplifting to have the Scriptures read over the intercom to the students.

Del Brandt is a farmer who also likes to trap, and the trappers responded to him, leading to good discussions, and to a willingness to accept a New Testament from him. On the way home, Del said, "When can we go again?"

Del and I had lunch at Continental Mission's "soup kitchen," next door to the fur auction on Friday, where we met 70 hungry local people happy to get a free meal. We noticed the "Lifelight" stand with New Testaments, which are available to the people coming for meals.

Thank you to Curt Bork and his church at Moosehorn. "We are keeping Lifelight and Scripture distribution in our prayers," Curt told us when we stopped at his house for coffee on our way north.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Come see us at Missionfest

Missions Fest Vancouver

Ernie and Lil have volunteered to go there.

Vishal Mangalwadi • After living among the poor in central India, Vishal founded the Association for Comprehensive Rural Assistance. This began Vishal’s direct involvement with evangelism in the context of abject poverty and deeply entrenched socio-political oppression which has given unique insights and realism to his teaching. Vishal is one of the world’s foremost Christian apologists to Hindus and New Agers. An author and co-author of a dozen books, Vishal studied in secular universities, Hindu ashrams, and in L’Abri Fellowship in Switzerland. He is an international lecturer, social reformer, and political columnist for The International Indian. His current project is The Book of the Millennium, which includes a multi-hour television series exploring how the Bible influenced the creation of the best features of our modern world. Listen to Dr Mangalwadi online.
Dates: January 27 - 29, 2006

Missions Fest Edmonton

"Pursuing the Father's Heart"

Martha and/or Ray have volunteered to go

Dates: February 24-26, 2006

Mission Fest Winnipeg

Meet many of our board and staff here!

Dr. Ron Cline from HCJB World Radio

Dates: February 3-5, 2006

MissionFest Toronto

John and Marilyn Van Essen have volunteered to go

Dr John Maxwell
Dates: March 24 & 25, 2006

Missions Fest Montreal (Missions En FĂȘte)

Peter and Caroline volunteered to go and are on their way!

« The Lord calls to the city! »
Dates: November 11-13, 2005

Cancelled Visions!

The weekend scheduled for November 25/26 is being cancelled at this time after much discussion. Many of you are unable to be there due to prior commitments and since it is very important that you, as key people to this ministry have input into future vision, it was decided to re-schedule to a different weekend. The timing for this weekend will be discussed further at another time. Perhaps a spring weekend would be a better time!

We apologize to those who were looking forward to this time away and many thanks to Henry Dyck for making arrangements for the cabin.

With regards to the agenda items that were brought forward by Ray for this weekend, please forward thoughts and ideas to Ray and Ernie as there will be a board meeting set within the next few weeks.

I will be in touch with everyone when details of this meeting are set.

Marge Penner

Sunday, November 06, 2005

LifeLight Visioning Weekend

LifeLight Visioning Weekend

At Frank and Agnes DeFehr's cottage

Friday and Saturday November 25 - 26

On Hwy 11 north of Lac Du Bonnet

Starts Friday night with devotional and prayer time. This is an informal weekend for, prayer, refreshment, and visioning for LifeLight. Come when you can. Leave when you must. With or without your spouse. The cottage is available all weekend and with overflow accommodations next door, we can accommodate everyone. Check with Marge Penner 339-9211 for info on what to bring. Stay till Sunday if you can. Bring friends that might be willing to serve on the board in the future.

If you have additional agenda items, please forward them

Please call Marge to confirm at what times you would expect to be at the cottage.

Start Posting Stories to LifeLight Blog

Here is where everyone can share their ideas, post coming events, etc. Try it today!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bibles for HCC

Good morning Greg,

We have distributed most of the bibles you gave us and we are in need of a new supply. Our count is running at 600 right now and as a result the pressure for bibles has increased. I trust that all is well with you and that the Lord is continuing to bless your ministry.

Philip Durant

Friday, October 21, 2005

Fw: LifeLight Fall Quick Note - > 1, 2, 3

. . .Greetings All
Here we are, the 21 of October and in the past few nights the colder-chilling frost is introducing itself again to us artistically using the car windows as it's drawing sheet each morning.
And of course who can deny fall is upon us once noticing the one-bite size chocolate bar starting to be around from those yummy assort halloween snacks bags in the stores pilled high like sand bags.
Anyway, as fall re-introduces his/herself again to us this 2005 we at LifeLight must also be aware and underway preparing for the busy season ahead.
1. Peter Loewen our faithful northern rep, starts to get restless and ready to drive far up north to the many Reserves in the forest he/we service with Scriptures into the hands of the grade 3 & 4 school children and many others along the journey. He will do a fall run, then once the lakes freeze he usually takes a trip to the more remote communities.
2. Registrations and deposits for (booths) at Missionfest 2005 Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal, Manitoba, ? Toronto ? are complete or well under way thanks to the smart work and efforts of Marge Penner. So, we all need to be aware of the MFdates so as to help carry the load. For the dates and info it would be best to go to the MF www. and get it all, including speaker line up. We have yet to book Toronto until we are clear that the Vanessens would like to host and be present in the booth.
3. We all know how important (crucial) The LifeLight new testaments are to this ministry and for this generation. And we are all aware the supply is alarmingly low and demand hi, including HTFG. We need to place the re-order ASAP and be active together as agents in raising the ever needed fund$.
Marge please give the Vanessens a call and ask if they are up to hosting the MF both in Toronto, and lets get clear re: our place booked in MF Manitoba, Martha can give the right numbers to contact them.
In the making; from Marge
Just to let everyone know so you can mark your calendars. Further to info from last board meeting, I have discussed with Henry Dyck the use of the cottages in Lac du Bonnet for November 25/26. More details to follow, Marge Penner Ph. (204)339-9211 e-mail:
P.S. Martha need's articals and pictures for up coming LL-newsletters; please, send your Scripture news and stories in. . .
Psalm 119:31-33

Greg Armstrong
mobile: 204-471-6295

Time to order The LifeLight

Just to let you know that we have reached our 50% fundraising goal and will be getting the information together for the 4 page insert and forwarding it to you in the next 3 weeks in preparation for the publishing of 30,000 copies of "The LifeLight New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs"

We are confident that rest of the funding will come in when the invoice becomes due.

Raymond Dueck

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The LifeLight Message

I have reviewed your products and would like to get a quote from you.
Would you license us to reprint a LifeLight Message New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs? What would that cost for 50,000 copies? All additional notes, covers, etc would, of course, be subject to your approval.
What would you charge for custom printing 5,000, 10,000, 15,000, 20,000 or 25,000 copies of each of:
The Message®: New Testament (youth edition) (with our logo on cover)
The Message®: New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs (paperback) (with our LifeLight Message full color cover)
We need minimum 4 custom pages for our information
What is the upcharge for 30 pages of helps similar to the helps in The LifeLight?
Thank you.
Raymond Dueck
Canadian LifeLight Ministries Inc
"God's Word for this generation"

Credit Card donations can be made at

<>Mr. Dueck,
Kent asked me to follow up with you, he is extremely busy these days. I have read through what you are asking for and we can consider a couple options for you. The first is, we could produce an exclusive edition of several of the products we already produce for you with some modifications to the cover (all the changes would of course have to be approved by Eugene, his agent and us here at NavPress) Some of the products this works well with is the mass market edition of the New Testament, The Book of Psalms, The Book of Proverbs, The Gospel of John, and The Message//Remix (feel free to check out our website if you are not real familiar with these products ) There is however a minimum purchase required on these products that generally hovers around 5,000 units. That minimum is the only way we can afford to produce these exclusive editions. The second option is that you could purchase some of these existing products, we have a special markets team that works with ministries like yours and gives high discounts for give away purchases. Let me know if you think either of these options will work for you and I will put you in contact with the appropriate person.
Thank you.
MINDY MILLS | The Message

Thank you for your response. I can understand Dr. Peterson's reluctance to allow other text to be added to his. Would you/he consider allowing a publication of The Message with Psalms and Proverbs? With our own cover?
Raymond Dueck

Eugene passed on your letter to us at NavPress because we handle all correspondence of this nature of his behalf. I appreciate hearing about your ministry and respect your commitment to distribute the Word across Canada.
Eugene Peterson has made it very clear to NavPress that he wants The Message to be a Bible text that encourages Bible reading without the typical encumbrances that often come with study Bibles or other popular versions of the Bible with added material. Eugene wants readers to become engrossed in the text of the Word alone and not be sidetracked by added material, which originally even included his desire to not include verse numbers (which he has reluctantly since changed). He is therefore extremely hesitant to approve any additional content to printed versions of The Message. As his publisher we want o honor his vision for The Message and the reading of the Word, and therefore cannot approve or encourage the products that you propose because of the added content.
We do hope that you still consider The Message text in your future considerations, but would understand if you need to approach other publishers for permission to use their text instead. Thank you for your partnership in distributing The Word,
Kent Wilson
NavPress Publisher

Here is a copy of the letter I sent to Dr Peterson. He responded by asking me to contact you.

January 06, 2005

Professor Emeritus of Spiritual Theology, Regent College. BA (Seattle Pacific), STB (New York Theological Seminary), MA (Johns Hopkins), DHL (Hon.) (Seattle Pacific)

Box 732

Lakeside, Montana

59922 USA

Dear Dr. Peterson:

Your "The Message" has become a tremendous blessing to many. LifeLight Ministries is committed to "Providing the LifeLight of God's Word to this generation." To this end we have published 37,000 copies of "The LifeLight" New Testament, based on the NIrV, a simplified NIV, from the International Bible Society, and 20,000 copies of the "How To Find God" New Testament, NLT, with helps by Greg Laurie. I have enclosed a copy of each for you to review.

Our mandate is "To provide free Scriptures as God provides funds through His people." That means we raise funds, we buy or publish Scripture at the lowest possible cost, and give it away, while we raise more funds. Many of our Scriptures go directly into the hands of northern Manitoba school children. We would like to extend this ministry across Canada and around the world.

We would love to produce, under license, a LifeLight publication entitled "The LifeLight Message" that would include helps and Scripture commentary along with The Message New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs. We would publish it with a beautiful full color cover and give it away free.

Is this something you could agree to? Would you, or someone you know, be willing to write the Helps and Scripture commentary? How much royalty would you need? Your prayerful consideration of this request is appreciated.

I can be reached on my cell at 204-782-2112, at work 800-210-0141, or at home 866-670-2943

May God bless you in whatever He gives you to do!

Raymond Dueck

President, Canadian LifeLight Ministries Inc

cc LifeLight Board and Staff

Here is a recent email we sent to our Partners and Friends:

Dear Friend:

The LifeLight New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs is the ideal gift to include with that Christmas hamper, give to your work associates, or anyone else on your Christmas list. It is a new simplified translation of the NIV, comes with full colour pictures, and study helps. Printed on quality Bible paper, it is a gift to be treasured for years to come. Your donation of $5 helps us buy more. Additional donations are welcome and will provide Scriptures to those who can't afford to pay for them. This includes the thousands of school children we reach every year in northern Manitoba.

Call Martha at our office for more information at 866-HIS-WORD or check out our website at Credit Card donations can be made at www.DonateBibles.NET

May God richly bless you through this season of remembering that Christ is the reason for the season

Raymond Dueck
Canadian LifeLight Ministries Inc
"God's Word for this generation"
Box 4904
Steinbach MB R5G 1R5

866-HIS-WORD (477-9673)
Check out our catalogue at

The direct link to The LifeLight New Testament

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Lifelight Board Meeting Sept.15/05

Lifelight Board Meeting

Attendance; Bill Badler, Bert Loewen, Peter Loewen, John Dueck, Ernie and Lil Brosowsky, Marge Penner, Martha Kroeker, Ray Dueck, Tamara Craig, and Greg Armstrong.

Devotional by Greg; "We are the light"

1 Lil moved to accept minutes of June 13/05 as read. Peter seconded. Carried

2. Business Arising from the Minutes;
2.b Tamara was not in attendance at this meeting but would like it recorded that she had not seen a budget or even a draft budget from Brent.
2.c. We were not certain $500. was going to be the final rental price at the time of this meeting. Since that meeting this figure has been agreed to by the owner.
Also there is not necessarily a tax exemption for the owner - that may be only for Wpg. And not Steinbach.
5. The Steinbach dessert night was canceled.
4. We need about $23,000. To meet the 50% goal before we can place the order.

3. Treasurers Report:
Reports distributed by Tamara. See Lil for copies. Overall donations are down to date but so are expenses.

Executive Coordinator Report Martha:
Requests from various churches, ministries and camps for Bibles. Very hard to get reports from camps but this year especially so and not specific enough to be interesting for the newsletter.
We seem to be under a lot of attack lately. Various illnesses, accidents and many problems with orders. But we should find this encouraging because it means we are obviously moving forward and making progress in getting God's Word to those who need it.

Marge gave a report on the golf tournament plans so far.
58 golfers registered to date, a number of prizes donated already, 7 Gold sponsors and 2 bronze and the signs are being prepared, donor amount more than $12,000, no cart sponsors or meal sponsors as yet, Golden West has donated $1000. Worth of advertising air time. Working on agenda for the day with Greg. Pray for good weather as that will swell the numbers of walk ins.

Personnel Committee; .* Ernie put forward a motion on behalf of the Personnel Committee to hire Marge on a part time basis as assistant to Greg. Discussion around paying out a salary vs. raising funds for salary - issue of salary deferred to Personnel Committee to give clarification. Peter seconded. Carried.
** Ernie put forward motion to accept Brents resignation. Peter seconded. Carried.

Greg's Report:
Greg has sustained a pinched nerve as a result of the car accident.
We are in all the mainline churches now. The HTFG is being used in all of them.
Have done some speaking in churches and scheduled for a mens group in Landmark for Sept.28.
It would be very difficult to get churches to put Lifelight on their regular missions giving as someone has suggested. Perhaps a Bible-a-month club for Sunday School classes to support. A brochure would be a good start.

Peter: On Sept 9 I visited five reserve schools, Dauphin River, Lake St. Martens, Little Saskatchewan and Fairfort with two faithful workers Kurt Borg and Dave Freeman in which we gave away 150 Lifelights.

5. Storefront;
a. Discussion around adding a $10. Handling fees to every Bible taken out of the storefront office to be added to the suggested donation. No conclusion reached on this issue.
B. Greg will take care of issues regarding rental space and landlord.

6. Fall Retreat;
Marge will follow up with Henry Dyck as to where and when.

In closing Ray read from King Solomons dedication prayer of the temple. Some of this prayer can be applied to this rented space for Lifelight.
Closing Prayer
Mtg. Adjourned 9:30pm

**Let's continue to be diligent in our prayers for Rene's healing.