Thursday, December 28, 2017

Life sure has its surprises

Just when you think you have a pretty good idea what you think your future holds someone has a different idea – God.
Marie spent most of her career as a Credit Manager and had been retired for 10 years, and in November/16 I was phased out of my career as a sales rep with Atlas Van Lines after 15 years. It looked like retirement was in the future.
God had a different idea.
Who would have expected God to call us into the Canadian LifeLight Ministry (CLLM) in our 70’s. We sure didn’t.
I had spent 25 years in ministry before (up until 2000) and did not expect to be called again. Of course we were willing and available, but at our age?!?!
What an absolute surprise and privilege.
There is no doubt that God called us to CLLM. We weren’t looking at all, but God worked and spoke through a number of people. We received a phone call, met with people, prayed and here we are in our 70’s, as of August/17, giving God’s Word out.
As you know LifeLight’s mandate is simple – get God’s Word in to as many people’s hands and in to as may homes as possible. We’d love to be able to get the bible to everyone in Canada. Of course that’s not likely to happen by CLLM alone, but we want to do as much as possible.
We have an unlimited number of bibles available – for children, adults, police officers, firefighters, recovery bibles, different languages, versions, etc. etc. If you have a particular need chances are we can get it to you. You can see all this in our Catalogue section on our website. If your church or organization needs bibles, material or tracts, or you’re an individual, give us a call. That is what we are here for.
We supply bibles to many of you - churches, camps, prisons, recovery groups, and occupational groups. What a privilege.
You never know what God has in mind. We just need to listen and follow His direction. Right now, as most of you know, in addition to all the above, a few years ago He directed CLLM to put together the LifeLight Bible for First Nation People. It was 3 years in the making and published 3 years ago.
As in many organizations, one “product” takes centre stage, and that is what has happened at LifeLight. While we are still greatly involved in giving out all the other bibles, but the First Nations Bible has become a main focus. It is in great demand and extremely well received. Praise The Lord.
Marie’s and my job are to raise the funds to pay for the bibles that we give out. When we give out bibles we ask the recipients if they can make a donation to help pay for them – if not we of course still give them the bible. Many organizations are charities like us and can’t pay for them. 
We have a great staff at CLLM. Carolyn Dueck is our Office Manager, Ken and Patricia McGhie work in outreach, and Raymond Dueck is our hands-on Founder and President. We all have different gifts - but our job is get the bills paid.
We need to be as creative as possible. I know we have to do the foot work – but we have to believe that God will open up the doors for us to share the ministry and raise the funds. We just started. We are looking forward to great things. We believe this is God’s ministry, and He will do what He wants to get the job done.
We plan to have some dessert night fund raising events. We will also be at the various town festivals.
We would like to present our ministry at your church for a few minutes or a complete service. I was a pastor and speaking is one of my gifts.
We are networking with a number of pastors and missionaries who preach the Word and then give out our Bibles. We can’t be everywhere but others can be.
If you can help in any way – that would be great. Our first need is prayer, then funds, and lastly if you want to help us organize an event or get us in to your church – that would be great as well. Maybe you have some ideas.
If you want to be a part of this ministry please give us a call. Remember – it is God’s ministry. We are just a group of His servants each with different gifts.
We will be at the Vancouver MissionFest January 26 – 28. Maybe we will see you there. I will be contacting some of you who live in the Vancouver area to come and visit.
We are looking forward to a blessed new year at CLLM. We pray that you too will have a great new year.
God bless you all.

P.S. - Right now we have a need for office space. Our landlord has given us to the end of January to move. We have put feelers out but nothing has come up yet. This was a total surprise to us. We need to rest in the fact that this was not a surprise to God. He has a place but we still have to do our part. We only found out a month or so ago. We need your prayers and help if you can.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

What did you get for Christmas?

This is the most asked question right after Christmas day. It can be a conversation piece – or maybe the person is truly interested.

The answer will depend on a few variables – age, sex, financial position of the giver, friend or family etc. etc. As we get older we hope that the gifts have a deeper meaning and more thought went in to them.
Last week at church the worship leader was trying to bring in some humour into the service and asked a couple questions, one was what was the best gift you ever received. I said my wife. Not bad eh?
When I was about seven I got a hockey game. We played it for hours. I remember that like it was yesterday.
What’s the best or most memorable gift you ever received?
Then I realized I fell into the same trap again. Christmas where we’re receiving the gifts. Is it ever easy to fall into that trap.
In our last newsletter I was making the point that this is Jesus birthday and we treat it like ours – and here is God, we are celebrating the birth of Jesus and He is giving us the greatest gift of all – Himself – Jesus.
What a great God we have. He is continuously giving and loving.
We all know John 3:16 – He loved us so much that He gave us His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him will never perish but have eternal life.
God is again doing the giving and the loving – even on the day we celebrate His birth.
Thank You Lord – we sure don’t deserve it. You have made it possible for us to spend eternity with You – and we don’t have to do anything in return except for us to love and trust in You.

I pray that you had a Merry Christmas.

Ed Mullis

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Sharing Jesus the Reason?

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Christmas Day is almost here. Most are making sure that they have all that they need for their Christmas celebrations. This is a time when people love to get together with friends and family. But there are always those that are not as fortunate. Ken McGhie continues to work with these people and others to make sure that no one is forgotten this Christmas, Vineyard Church recently held their annual Chili Fest which serves up dinner and provides gifts to those that they help all year round. Please pray for those from the Main Street and Martha Street area who are vulnerable and not doing well this Christmas season. Please enjoy the pictures of that event and some of the stories of these people and families that are affected and those that help them. Canadian LifeLight Ministries will continue to provide God’s salvation with those who are most in need.

Heather Barefoot preparing bags for those less fortunate who gather at the Vineyard Church for Chili Fest.  Inside the bags are important items such as socks and mittens as well as candy and Bibles.  She thanks those who donated these much needed items to give others a happy Christmas.Heather Barefoot preparing bags for those less fortunate who gather at the Vineyard Church for Chili Fest. Inside the bags are important items such as socks and mittens as well as candy and Bibles. She thanks those who donated these much needed items to give others a happy Christmas.
Those served include a family who has many concerns. But they can put those concerns aside for a short time as they enjoy Chili Fest at the Vineyard Church. They were greatful to receive the best of presents, the Lord’s Word of healing and salvation.
Many volunteers attended the Chili Fest and shared God’s Word to attendees
Many volunteers attended the Chili Fest and shared God’s Word with attendees.

Street workers who work with those that attend the Love Lives Here trailer also attended the Chili Fest to help hand out presents and share the Word of God with those who are vulnerable.

Margaret Sinclair attended the Chili Fest. She has family that suffers from addictions and she always prays that they and others will receive the healing and saving Word of God.
Here is the news featured in our Christmas Newsletter.

We ask you to consider the legacy that you might leave behind and contact us regarding our Legacy Program. Your donation can be in your name or in the name of a family member.
We need your help to get another 30,000 Bibles printed.
We are also looking for partners/volunteers in various cities to help us distribute Bibles and raise funds individually and through fundraisers. Is this something you can do to serve God?
If you can help now that would be great. Our intention is to contact each person on our mailing list so you will probably hear from us in some way – by email or phone. But that will take time. So please don’t wait until we call. If God is giving you a nudge to help CHRISTMAS CAMPAIGN – May we count on you to make a difference for eternity?

MAKE YOUR DONATION TODAY AND IT WILL BE MATCHED BY ANOTHER DONOR! FOR $6 YOU CAN IMPACT 2 FAMILIES! Your donation goes twice the distance! us get His Word out, please follow through. As it says in 1 Timothy 2:4 – God wants everyone to be saved.
If you have any questions or would like to talk and meet, please contact us at

God bless you and thank you for your support and prayers.