Thursday, September 29, 2011

You might be ready...but what about everyone else

I'm not all about talking about end times and preaching that the end is near and all that stuff, But this video did make me think.

I am realizing more and more that we don't have an endless amount of time to reach our friends, family, neighbors and strangers for Christ. There will in fact come a time where God simply says "enough is enough" and Christ WILL come back.

As I sit in my office typing out this message, I'm looking around me and what I see is about 1000 Bibles sitting in Boxes. Thats not to mention all the Bibles that are sitting in our warehouse. They are sitting here because we are waiting for people like you to come and pick them up and give them away.

What would it look like if we ALL gave one away? If every Christian in Cananda or even just Winnipeg for that matter, said " This week I am am committing myself to giving a Bible away", we would have ZERO Bibles left. What an amazing thing that would be. Sharing our faith is not only acting out of obedience to God, Its also the strongest act of love you can give someone. Its stepping out of your personal comfort zone and sharing salvation with another human being, another child of God.

We give away tens of thousands of Bibles to ministries, communities, prisons, etc every year. But what about you? Have you ever given one away personaly? I want to encourage you come down to our office in Winnipeg, Steinbach or Simcoe Ontario and pick up some Bibles and give them away. It may just lead to a conversation that will be life changing for you and the person receiving the Bible. You will realize how easy it really is to share the one thing that is most important to you. See you soon.

Ryan Rempel
Executive Director