Monday, September 22, 2014

LifeLight Ministries & Mission to Mexico

I'm jotting down some great memories of when we started our ministry walk with Jesus, and you guys have been with us every step of our journey.

We started about 15 years ago working with the children of the dump in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, so of course we required Bible tracts and Bibles to bring the Word to these poor souls, so lo and behold Lifelight Ministries came to life on my computer and they were more than happy to help us out on our quest.   
The pocket Bibles that you guys provided have certainly been very valuable; the people in Mexico that have received your Bibles certainly feel that they have been totally blessed.  
This year we have been given some time off, by God of course, but we still do local outreach, in parking lots, malls and the best is the local casino.  
When the people come out of the casino, and they are broke most of them, my tracts called Help From Above certainly fits in so well, and if their need is great then I give them one of your very valuable Bibles, 
Hope For The Highway.  I cannot possibly express our gratitude and thanks for everything that LifeLight Ministries have done in supplying the Bibles that we need to bring the Word of Jesus to the masses, we try hard to be good farmers and get the most seeds out there, it is amazing at the number of poor souls that are wanting to learn and are willing to listen to us, but the best part is having your Bibles available to help them to understand their new walk with Jesus.  
Gail and I will continue to pray for your great ministry. 
May you continue to be able to manufacture the Bibles, and be given the availability to help with all of the many ministries that are out here, with all of the trials and tribulations going on in our great world, the need is great and will continues to get worse, at least until Jesus comes to sort out this sad world that we live in.  
So just remember that every Bible that you print it will certainly bring His Words to them that are in need! God Bless and keep you all,
                 Gary and Gail S.

                  Mission to Mexico

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bibles for the North End

Here's an encouraging story from one of our advocates:

"God is good. He's placed me in one of the roughest parts of the city, and I've been led by the Holy Spirit to do the Lord's work. All around the North End I've been handing out Bibles and encouraging people with my testimony. I've found that the response has been fairly good. Some people are very warm and welcoming and some aren't, but all in all I handed out 100 Bibles in just 2 days. I give all glory to God and I thank LifeLight Ministries for helping me do the Lord's work. Without them none of this would be possible, so they're definitely playing a major role in my mission work and what the Lord is doing in my life in getting these Bibles to people who don't know Christ. I hope to continue with LifeLight Ministries for the near future, and I pray that God will bless them in all that they're doing."


Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Movie Night

A letter from Paul Janz:

"​Yes, t​
he movie night went well. Even an unsaved neighbour came with his daughter.  We showed "Thirst" on a large 16' wide X 9' high screen, so it had a theatre type feel. The crowd got into the movie and really enjoyed it.
Two people came forward at the invitation to accept Christ. I gave out 5 or 6 NLT New Testaments afterwards.​"

We are so happy to be able to be able to give Bibles for events such as this one where people can learn more about Jesus and choose to take a Bible if they are ready. What a blessing!

- R.Fuchs

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Note of Encouragement

Today I received a mailed insert from one of our LifeLight New Testaments.  This is what the lady had to say, "I have been reading my Bible since 1971 and I think the LifeLight is a very easy read & (has) great pictures, too. God Bless all those involved with the printing of this book."

We put these inserts in our LifeLight New Testaments as a return card people can use to comment or request a free Bible correspondence course. Whether from a seasoned Christian or a new believer, these are always appreciated as they bring encouragement to our ministry and help us to know what God is doing through our ministry of His Word. God Bless you all!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Scripture for Hindi

On the way from Toronto to Winnipeg I met a couple of Indians who have been living in Toronto for 25 years.  I offered them a LifeLight Find God New Testament.  They said they could not read English but their children could and they gladly accepted my gift.

Your support makes an eternity of difference.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Scripture at hotel

Canadian LifeLight scriptures on display at Four Points Hotel at Toronto Airport during a modern day mystics conference

Friday, July 11, 2014

Request for Study Bible

Greeting to you in the precious name of Jesus Christ.

My name is Lalrinpuia Renthlei, I'm from India. I'm living in Mizoram, one of the North Eastern states in India. It is located in a remote and tribal area. I have been doing Biblical studies at one of the Bible school that located in our neighbouring state since 2012. Our school fees and the expenses of travelling from my home to our school are too high for my family. For instances, I can't buy study materials for my studies and even its hardly to access internet to help my studies. But, I wish to continue and complete my studies even though I
do not have enough money.

So, Please help me and send me GREEK-HEBREW KEY WORD STUDY BIBLE if
possible. It is not available to purchase here.

I request you kindly to accept my letter. I'm waiting for your kind response. My mailing is as given below.

If you are interested in helping this lady please go to and mark it for students in India.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Find God: Living Water in Portage

I was in (the Winnipeg office) several weeks ago to pick up another box of Bibles: The New Testament called, "Find God". I was asked to send in a story of what we do with the Bibles here at Portage Evangelical Church. 

We have given out four cases of those Bibles around our community here in Portage la Prarie. We covered many streets around our church, knocked on all but a few doors, where we did not find someone home. Some people refused the Bibles ( though those were very few). Inside each Bible we had a note that was written by our pastor. In several of the homes, people were invited in.
Some good discussion took place.

Though we have not had anyone come to church from this outreach, we have given the Word of God to many homes, and trust that people were drawn to open the Bibles. We also keep these Bibles here at the church and have given them away to  people who wander in here. We are on a busy street and sometimes just have people pop in here, for all types of reasons.
I personally am involved in a immigrant ministry here in Portage.
I have given away a lot of Bibles to people that I meet and have connections with Muslim, Hindu, New age, Catholic, and Jewish families. I have been able to have many conversations with them.

- Myrna

Monday, June 09, 2014

Bible giveaway!

When we got to the airport we had 4 Find God New Testaments left over and the bags were overflowing already.
So I offered one to the car rentals supervisor.  He was glad to get it.  The fellow just leaving on his break wanted one too. He told me he would read the first chapter right away.
The other attendant on duty also wanted one.  That left me with one to give away in flight.
When I got to security the older gentleman that was clearing carts, a Hindu, was happy to get my last one.
Now I'm on the plane, ready to fly.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sharing the Gospel in Cuba

Today I just want to share with you the power of God's Word - in Cuba! I was speaking with a man who travels to other countries and gives out tracts. Well one time he went to Cuba, where he sat down at a bar with some tough looking guys. He decided to give each man a hat as a gift, and stuck a tract in each one inside the brim. Then a day or two later he came back and those same men were there, and instead of hurting him, they were giving him hugs and thanking him for the gifts! He said it is unheard of for Cuban men to show affection so this was amazing to see, and God's Word in the Spanish tracts had clearly affected them. He got such great response among the many other people he gave tracts to as well, and people were in tears they were so happy to hear the Good News! 

This man is one of many individuals who go out into the world to do the Great Commission and it is a pleasure to be able to supply tracts and Bibles to my Brothers and Sisters in Christ! Keep spreading the Word, and changing lives! Thanks!


R. Fuchs

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fwd: Scriptures in Alaska

Whenever and wherever we travel we take a dozen copies of The LifeLight or Find God with us for distribution. 

We often leave one in the room with a note to the cleaning lady and a tip.

I had my shoes shined at the Denver airport.  When the man was done I paid him.  Then God reminded me that I had a Find God in my briefcase and to give it to this gentleman. He was very busy with the next customer already, but when I offered him the New Testament, he was very appreciative.

Raymond Dueck  President & Founder  Canadian LifeLight Ministries Inc  330-1695 Henderson Hwy  Winnipeg MB  R2G 1P1  cell 204-782-2112  Our purpose is to serve Christ by enabling His followers to provide God’s Word for today.    
Awarded the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal

Friday, March 14, 2014

Free Bibles

When people hear the word 'free' they tend to get excited, and so it was no surprise to me when I listed some free bubble wrap on that I got a ton of responses from people all wanting some. I kept it fair and offered a roll to the first two people who inquired. So the other day, I had a couple come in for some bubble wrap and I was able to offer them a free Bible as well, in order to bless someone else in their family! 

Then, the next day a man came in to pick up some bubble wrap and he received a free Bible for his daughter! What a blessing it is to share God's Word with others! I am truly thankful for this ministry and the ability to say to someone, "Would you like a free Bible?" There is nothing better than the free gift of Salvation, and we are able to help others come to the knowledge of Christ and His free gift through Canadian Lifelight Ministries. Amen!



Inspiring Faith

The other day when we were doing our family Bible reading, we were talking afterwards and my oldest son, who's in grade 3, shared how he talks to a girl he sits next to at school about his faith as she always talks about other  gods. And so one day he told her, "Why don't you worship the One who created you?" What a sweet and simple way of putting it! As a parent that is so inspiring to hear! How happy I am that he loves the Lord - that both of our boys love God! I pray they always follow Him.

Sometimes our children can teach us more about following God even when we're the ones trying to teach them. :)



Wednesday, January 29, 2014

We Don't know "When" it is our Time to go home.

So often we take our lives for granted. Life is fragile, and we don't know when the Lord is going to call us home. The parable of the wedding feast in Luke 12 ,as well as many others, reminds us that we need to live each day to the fullest, ready for God to come back at any time.

I found out yesterday that a young man here in Winnipeg was killed over the weekend in the Osbourne area. I only knew Joshua Bentley briefly. I met him first at an outreach concert that our church had put on. He was at the event and we talked, and he came to our church a short time later. I liked him, as he was a real person doing his best to follow God in a hard world.

One of the services Josh attended was baptism Sunday, and we had completed our baptism section of the morning. I had left the tank and was going down the back hall ,when he was on his way to the bathroom. We looked at each other and he said..."I need to be baptized!" We talked to make sure he knew what that meant (that he wanted to live for God, excepted the sacrifice of Jesus, and was going to try to live for Him as best as he could) so back in the tank I went (after his washroom break) with Josh. Josh knows the Lord and his heart was God's that day! 

I was honoured to baptize Joshua Bentley at Bethel Community Church. May God be with his family as they mourn the loss of a great young man. Rest in peace Josh
Those of us left ….
Live for God with all your heart, soul ,and strength. Tell everyone about Him….He is coming soon.


Friday, January 03, 2014

With God, Good things come from bad situations

I went to wash my car, as I had a few minutes to spare between appointments and it was finally warm enough to not freeze my car into an ice cube. I finished washing and even had enough time to clean the inside of the car out of all the little pieces of paper that had fallen. It was warm and I took my jacket off to wash and clean the car.

I had opened and closed the car door many times during this process, but the last time the door made a strange sound. The automatic door locks kicked in, and the keys where inside. After checking all doors, I went inside and asked for assistance. I did not have time for this setback, and hoped I would make my next meeting. Being next to a garage, they went and found a man who could open doors.

Turns out it still took him 30 minutes with his fancy tools, and when it was finally open I asked him what was owed. $30, a steal. As I got the money out of the interac machine, a friend of his came in and they  began to joke back and forth about the weekend to come, and my new friend said with a laugh that he had just earned this weekends beer money. As I handed him his earnings, I told him I had one more thing for him in the  trunk.

I opened it and asked him if he needed a Bible. After the conversation I heard inside, I thought the answer would be a quick NO, but he responded to me with an enthusiastic YES! 

He picked one out and was far happier with his new Bible than with his money, and it reminded me that God is at work even when things seem to be going wrong.


Paul Winter 
National Team Leader
Canadian LifeLight Ministries 

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Bible Santa Changes Lives

What a great way to spread the good news! 

Could you be the next Bible Santa in Winnipeg? Hope so!