Monday, November 26, 2012

Trip North

Thanks for the update!
Glad you had a safe trip.
May God bless the reading of His Word! Are you going to Ontario or Saskatchewan next?

On 26-Nov-12 2:14 PM, Wayne wrote: The latest trip north started Nov. 11 at 11:00 am. I made this trip with Bill Penner who has worked in the north for many, many years. We had planned to leave earlier that day but we chose to heed the storm warnings . At 9:00 am they advised against traveling on #6. By 10:00 am that restriction had been lifted and so I phoned Bill in Steinbach and he was in Wpg by 11:00 am and we began our journey north.
We arrived in Thompson at 10:00 p.m.. The roads were snow covered except the last 100 km south of Thompson. Our travels took us as far as Lynn Lake, Gillam and Norway House.
We traveled 4100 km and distributed 2500 NTs. Many were praying and God opened doors and gave us favour.
Thanks to those who prayed and we need to continue to pray that God will motivate and direct that the Word of God will get into the right hands and be read and bear fruit.
PTL. Wayne

Monday, November 05, 2012

LifeLight Fall Supper

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Thanks to all of you who came out on Sunday night for our LifeLight banquet. We've had so much good feedback of how people really enjoyed the entire night. It was truly a successful evening.

I have a meeting on Wednesday with somebody willing to give their testimony for the native Bible. He is an amazing singer/songwriter that has won various awards including an aboriginal music award. The process for the native Bible is slow but steady. Lots of work is going into this but we know God has a plan for this Bible and so we are happy to work at His pace as He provides more testimonies and insight.

Stay tuned for more highlights soon.


Ryan Rempel

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Picture at Rossmere

LifeLight Evening

Justin Hanson shared inner city ministry experiences.

Shaun McClarin shared inner city women's ministry

Tim Elias prison chaplain report:
Scripture impact is very significant in prison.
George is a striker for Hell's angels.
Loving your enemies they say is crazy. I  entrust them with a Bible. They read it. That Bible is an amazing book. If you abide in Jesus word you will have life.
Thank you for your support. The Bible was a clear message from God to 3 prisoners when they started to read it together.
1st nations ministry is a big part of LifeLight for many years. LifeLight is in the process of preparing a 1st nation's Bible. Getting lots of good feedback. Fresh IE got involved and is really excited about this new Bible.

Barb will share. 1996 she applied to work up north. Her 1st trip was to Split Lake where a woman wanted her to bring God. Soon she started giving LifeLight scriptures and lives were changed.
Gave away 100s of Bibles over the years. The Bible is the most influential book in history. It changes people.

Perimeter Air flies Bibles north at no cost. A big thanks to them.

Christian camps reach kids for Jesus. We donated 7,000 Bibles to campers this year. 7,000 homes have been impacted.

Shane Reimer has been working at Fisher Bay Bible Camp. An 8 year old got a Bible last year. He was concerned about his family. He came back to camp this year. He had been reading his The LifeLight Bible every day.
My camp is a low budget camp and we are very thankful for free LifeLight scriptures.

One camp director asked for 1,000 Bibles and he burst into tears of thankfulness when he got them.

Each ministry here is going home with a box of Scriptures.