Tuesday, December 26, 2017

What did you get for Christmas?

This is the most asked question right after Christmas day. It can be a conversation piece – or maybe the person is truly interested.

The answer will depend on a few variables – age, sex, financial position of the giver, friend or family etc. etc. As we get older we hope that the gifts have a deeper meaning and more thought went in to them.
Last week at church the worship leader was trying to bring in some humour into the service and asked a couple questions, one was what was the best gift you ever received. I said my wife. Not bad eh?
When I was about seven I got a hockey game. We played it for hours. I remember that like it was yesterday.
What’s the best or most memorable gift you ever received?
Then I realized I fell into the same trap again. Christmas where we’re receiving the gifts. Is it ever easy to fall into that trap.
In our last newsletter I was making the point that this is Jesus birthday and we treat it like ours – and here is God, we are celebrating the birth of Jesus and He is giving us the greatest gift of all – Himself – Jesus.
What a great God we have. He is continuously giving and loving.
We all know John 3:16 – He loved us so much that He gave us His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him will never perish but have eternal life.
God is again doing the giving and the loving – even on the day we celebrate His birth.
Thank You Lord – we sure don’t deserve it. You have made it possible for us to spend eternity with You – and we don’t have to do anything in return except for us to love and trust in You.

I pray that you had a Merry Christmas.

Ed Mullis

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