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Sharki's tale of hope

Sharki's tale of hope 

Sharki, a kind homeless person, visits our office now and then to receive a free Bible. Today was different – he wanted a special, expensive one. I began to wonder if he was reselling them since he always asked for a different Bible. To test this, I asked for a small donation, hoping he might choose a different one.

"A donation?" he responded, and with a runny nose and dirty hands, he reached into his pocket. Orange pills fell to the floor as he handed me a pair of clean white socks, saying, "I have only this to offer."My heart melted.

Curious, I asked Sharki the truth, "Are you reselling them?" His answer was touching. "No, all your Bibles I keep in my room because demons are attacking me. And this one I will keep under my bed."Overwhelmed, I gave it to him, reminding him that it would help only if he opened it and read it.

God placed Sharki in our hearts, mine and my kids, and we sometimes remember him in our prayers. Perhaps, one day, he will find salvation. This is just one of many stories like this, as every week, 3-5 homeless, drug-addicted, and drunk people come to our office to take free Bibles.

All of this happens because of you, thanks to your love and support.

May your heart be moved by the possibility of making a difference!

     Zebo S.

March 2024

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